CNF tip of the week: memoir

The CNFC and carte blanche want your writing! Send your best, previously unpublished nonfiction piece of 3,000 words or less—  whether it’s literary journalism, memoir, personal essay, or lyric essay — by November 30th, 2017. For more information about these subcategories, read on. Today, we feature…


A memoir is an attempt to make artful sense of some aspect or period of the author’s life. The facts may be unusual or traumatic, or they may be ordinary and unremarkable. “What happened” is less important in memoir than the clarity, grace, or originality of the writer’s style and the honest pursuit of self-knowledge. As V.S. Pritchett said, “It’s all in the art. You get no credit for living.”

A few examples

Joan Didion: “Goodbye to All That.

Kevin Chong: “Every Stepfather Has His Day.”

Ayelet Tsabari: “Yemeni Soup and Other Recipes.”  (scroll for PDF)

Eufemia Fantetti: “Alphabet Autobiographica.”

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