Memoir Book Club

Do you love reading memoirs? Are you writing a personal narrative? The CNFC Memoir Book Club is a monthly drop-in opportunity to talk shop for students of the genre. Bring a couple of memoirs you’ve read or are currently reading—there’s no assigned book! The hour-long session is a chance to reflect on how the memoirs on your bookshelf are put together by diving deeper into the craft underneath the stories.

FREE for members. Registration required.

REGISTER for September 26th, 2024 (1:00pm eastern)


Recommended Reading (by book club attendees)

Lit, by Mary Karr

Wildby Cheryl Strayed

Dance on the Earth: A Memoir, by Margaret Laurence

Shoe Dog, by Phil Knight

MidLife Solo: writing through chaos to find my place in the world, by Beth Kaplan

Knife, by Salman Rushdie

The Tender Bar, by J.R. Moehringer

Townie, by Andre Dubus III

Loose Woman: my odyssey from lost to found, by Beth Kaplan

Dear Current Occupant: A Memoir, by Chelene Knight

Bloodroot: Tracing the Untelling of Motherloss, by Betsy Warland

Math In Drag, by Kyne Santos

Splinters, by Leslie Jamison

You Could Make This Place Beautiful, by Maggie Smith