Planning on attending the 2016 CNFC Conference in Banff this April? Consider doing a self-directed writing residency while you’re there!

Set in the heart of Banff National Park, The Banff Centre provides a perfect retreat setting for writers looking for focus and inspiration. This is the place you can come to be free from distraction and to focus deeply on a creative writing project.

What to do

Go to the Banff website and follow the outlined steps in this link.

You will need to

• Decide when you want to go (before or after the conference)
• Decide how long you want to stay (3 days minimum)
• Apply with a proposal and work sample (be sure to note your CNFC affiliation)
• Wait to be informed

Apply early. Spaces fill up quickly, particularly after the CNFC conference, when the Writing Studio begins. Space at the Centre is limited.

Self-directed residency participants stay at Lloyd Hall. Conference participants stay at the (more luxurious and more expensive) Conference Centre. You can apply to stay at Lloyd during the Conference if you count those days as part of your residency, and simply pay the “off-site” or local conference fee (for meals and activities at the conference).

The Banff Centre also has an Environmental Reportage program happening from April 11 to 23rd. If you’d like to know more, visit their website. Deadline to apply for this particular program is January 27, 2016.

Thanks to Susan Olding for putting this information together for our members.