The Creative Nonfiction Collective Society and The Humber Literary Review are pleased to announce the long list for this year’s creative nonfiction contest. Congratulations to the following writers!

  • Anita Allen – Funhouse
  • Carmen Farrell – Closet Full of Monsters
  • Raymond Gariepy – The Unborn and Born Dead are Yet Among Us
  • Rayyan Kamal – Departure Lounge
  • Ivy Lerner-Frank – Mercy
  • Dhana Musil – By Association
  • Laura Ollerenshaw – Of Least Concern
  • Adelle Purdham – Wild Horses
  • Laura Wershler – To Whom It May Concern

We thank every entrant for sharing their words and work with us. We received many excellent submissions this year and our readers had some difficult decisions to make. We would also like to extend a special thank-you to our volunteer readers: Parishae Ali, Bruno Cocococchio, Karin Doucette, Taslim Jaffer, Anna Shannon, Nora-Lyn Veevers and our contest volunteer coordinator, Nancy O’Rourke, who gave her time to coordinate readers and contest administration.