Are you a CNFC member? Have you got some writing to share? We are currently seeking pitches for our blog.

The CNFC has a modest budget to pay for blog entries. We can offer $50 honoraria for select original content pieces. Please get in touch if you’d like to contribute!

Ideas for post content include the following:

– Reporting on CNFC events near or far from you
– Issues of craft in CNF
– Issues of living the writerly life
– Discussions of new and noteworthy books/essays of CNF
– Reflections on classics or overlooked works of CNF
– Excerpts from and links to blog posts, essays, articles that you or
another member have authored
– Reporting about important events in the world of CNF such as prize winnings, grants, program announcements/changes, residency competitions, and so on
– Interviews with other writers of CNF
– Anything else connected to writing CNF

Please send us a pitch to info [at] ashleyfortier [dot] com.