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Sloane Crosley on the difference between writing fiction and nonfiction:

“When a writer goes from writing nonfiction to writing fiction, it’s called a leap. When she goes from writing fiction to writing nonfiction, it’s not called anything. A diversion, perhaps, or an excursion, maybe an extra paycheck.”

A list of nonfiction books that every woman should read. (And men too, of course.)

And the CBC Creative Nonfiction Prize winner is…

Jennifer Niesslein on editing a web magazine and not getting paid for it:

“Why do I work so hard for free? I have to admit, there is an ego element to it: it’s like being the president of a fan club. I get to connect work I love with readers who love it as much as I do, and I get credit for it.”

Galen Strawson asks, Are you a Narrative or a non-Narrative?:

“Nevertheless, it does seem that there are some deeply Narrative types among us, where to be Narrative with a capital ‘N’ is (here I offer a definition) to be naturally disposed to experience or conceive of one’s life, one’s existence in time, oneself, in a narrative way, as having the form of a story, or perhaps a collection of stories, and – in some manner – to live in and through this conception.”

And apparently there are some non-Narrative types out there…


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