Links to news, information, stories, and other things of interest to creative nonfiction writers

Compiled by Maria Turner 

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If you like competitive cooking shows, then this piece from Brevity is for you. Caitlin Horrocks illustrates how “cooking competitions offer a useful lens for looking at revision.”

Read about how novelist Jenny Disky is “busting the clichés of the cancer diary.”

Scientist Stuart Firestein elaborates on Beckett’s quote on failing better. Useful advice for scientists, but also for writers:

One must try to fail because it is the only strategy to avoid repeating the obvious. Failing better means looking beyond the obvious, beyond what you know and beyond what you know how to do. Failing better happens when we ask questions, when we doubt results, when we allow ourselves to be immersed in uncertainty.

And finally, this piece is for those who write, and run.

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