As we gear up to our annual CNFC Conference (this time in Victoria), only a couple of weeks away, the world of CNF is fluttering with activity. So, here’s our news:

carte blanche has announced our CNF contest shortlist! You can find the shortlist here.

Second, our members continue to write and update their blogs:

Dennis Malone writes in “What I Learned from Cancer”:

Nurses are like sound men at rock concerts: there they are to ensure that all goes smoothly, there they are to ensure that the “stars” get their message out, there they are making the performers look good. But you never see them and despite being indispensable they go largely unnoticed. It is not until the feedback begins or the vocals are not loud enough or the guitar solo makes your ears bleed that you look back into the shadows and ask “What is that guy doing back there?” Continue reading…

Yours truly (Julija Sukys) offers a quick view of her experience at the recent AWP Conference that was held in Minneapolis:

It’s three days of nonstop talking, listening, browsing of books, and (for some) overindulging in drink and food. I’m still at a stage in my career and thinking where I can’t pass up the chance to learn more about my field or to hear the writers whose work I love read and speak in person, so, for three days, I rushed from panel to panel from morning until early evening. (Thank goodness for the bag of snacks I carried!) The nonfiction selections at AWP tend to be particularly good, so I really immersed myself in my beloved genre. Continue reading…

Happy reading! Happy writing! Happy spring!

Keep sending us your dispatches.

See you in beautiful Victoria.