Announcing the Winner of the CNFC/carte-blanche Competition

Congratulations to Kirsten Fogg for her essay “Nana Technology”! Kirsten Fogg is an essayist and wanderer who is currently working on a collection of essays, interviews, and book reviews on belonging at She is the writer in residence at Milpera State School for refugee and migrant children. Her articles have been published in The Chicago Tribune, The Globe and Mail, The International Herald Tribune and many other world newspapers. She lives in Brisbane, Australia. Congratulations to everyone on the…

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News from the World of CNF

  As we gear up to our annual CNFC Conference (this time in Victoria), only a couple of weeks away, the world of CNF is fluttering with activity. So, here’s our news: carte blanche has announced our CNF contest shortlist! You can find the shortlist here. Second, our members continue to write and update their blogs: Dennis Malone writes in “What I Learned from Cancer”: Nurses are like sound men at rock concerts: there they are to ensure that all…

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Members Blog: What’s So Scary about Words Like “Religion,” “Spirituality” and “Mysticism”?

Reflections on Writing my Memoir, Into the Mystic: My Years with Olga (Inanna Publications, 2014)  Susan McCaslin The word “religion” can sometimes generate hostility or fear. People mistrustful of religion notice how many of the major religions have been and continue to be tied to empire-building, rigid belief systems, gender inequalities, corporate capitalism, wars, and the exploitation of the “have nots.” The word “spirituality” seems a gentler, more inclusive term, less indicative of rigid belief systems. Yet it too remains…

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Edna Staebler Personal Essay Contest

Edna Staebler Personal Essay contest is on! You may submit essays of any length, on any topic, in which the writer’s personal engagement with the topic provides the frame or through-line. There is no restriction on essay length or subject matter, but the author must be a Canadian citizen or resident. $1,000 prize for the winning essay; all submissions will be considered for paid publication ($250) in the magazine. Entry fee: $40 per submission. Each submission includes a one-year Canadian subscription (or…

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Announcing the Long List for carteblanche/CNFC Contest

carte blanche and the Creative Nonfiction Collective Society are pleased to announce the long list for our 2015 creative nonfiction competition. “Schrodinger’s Dog” by Marion Agnew “Blind Tigers” by Rebecca Andruchow “Microphagia” by Jennifer Delisle “Nana Technology” by Kirsten Fogg “The Bubble” by Amy Hensch “I Moved” by Elaine Johnston “Mushrooms and Memory” by Monica Meneghetti “Reading the Goldfinch” by Julie Pattee “Montreal, I Love You” by Julie Paul “Fallout” by Margaret Thompson Congratulations to those who made the long…

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Master Class Update

Response to the Master Class offerings this year has been so positive that the first two classes filled up within a week. So our wonderful Conference Committee has added a third class! We are pleased to announce that Helen Moffett will be leading this new Master Class session: “The Alchemy of Editing: Working With an Editor and Going the DIY Route.” Helen is a South African writer, academic, researcher, trainer, editor, and activist. She has more than twenty-five years of…

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Members Blog: How to be a Happy Writer

Part I: How to Pitch and Sell Writing Projects that Really Matter to You  By Ann Douglas Your enthusiasm and passion for a particular project are your best selling tools as a writer. Ever tried to pitch a project that didn’t matter to you at all, but that you pitched anyway because your bank account balance urged you on? How did that work out for you? Odds are your pitch was half-hearted at best—and unlikely to inspire an editor. And…

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Victoria, Here We Come!

The 11th Annual CNFC Conference is almost upon us! We will gather in beautiful Victoria, BC, from April 24-26, 2015 at the gorgeous Inn at Laurel Point. To see the 2015 Program Outline, go to our Annual Conference page. Remember that only CNFC members in good standing can register for the conference. If you need to renew or join, please click here.

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Contest News

The winner of the carte blanche writing contest will be announced next spring at the CNFC 11th Annual Conference in Victoria, BC (April 24-26, 2015). This year’s prize is $750 and the winning essay will be published in carte blanche.

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