CNF Round-up #2

Maria Turner brings us more links to news, information, stories, and other things of interest to creative nonfiction writers.

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Announcing our 3rd Annual CNF Contest!

Yes, it’s true! We’re doing it again! carte blanche and the Creative Nonfiction Collective Society (CNFC) have teamed up to bring you a Canada-wide creative nonfiction contest sponsored by the University of King’s College. The winner will receive $750 and her/his text will be published in carte blanche. The winner will be announced in April 2016 at the CNFC 12th Annual Conference in Banff, AB.

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CNF Round-up

Maria Turner brings us links to news, information, stories, and other things of interest to creative nonfiction writers.

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Come blog with us

Are you a CNFC member? Have you got some writing to share? We are currently seeking pitches for our blog. The CNFC has a modest budget to pay for blog entries. We can offer $50 honoraria for select original content pieces. Please get in touch if you’d like to contribute! Ideas for post content include the following: – Reporting on CNFC events near or far from you – Issues of craft in CNF – Issues of living the writerly life…

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Members Blog: The Life of an Award-Winning Writer

By Kirsten Fogg “So what do you do?’’ the plastic surgeon asks, pulling a trolley of scalpels and scissors and suture material to the operating daybed. “I’m a writer,’’ I say. “Actually, I just became an award-winning essayist.’’ As I talk, I wonder how I can turn this into an essay. How can I excavate this surgical experience in the same way the doctor is slicing through layers of my skin and subcutaneous fat. I stare at the ceiling, away from…

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Poetry: Pure Fiction, or Nonfiction in Its Purest Form?

CNFC workshop at Loft 112 in Calgary on Sunday, April 19, 2015 Photos & blog by Dale Lee Kwong Can poetry constitute creative nonfiction? The question is one I had never considered. When I did, I discovered I’ve unconsciously never given my poetry the same respect as my essays. For me, nonfiction held more interest than fiction and I categorized poetry as less valid. After attending a workshop featuring South African author and editor, Helen Moffett, I now feel excitement…

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Announcing the Winner of the CNFC/carte-blanche Competition

Congratulations to Kirsten Fogg for her essay “Nana Technology”! Kirsten Fogg is an essayist and wanderer who is currently working on a collection of essays, interviews, and book reviews on belonging at She is the writer in residence at Milpera State School for refugee and migrant children. Her articles have been published in The Chicago Tribune, The Globe and Mail, The International Herald Tribune and many other world newspapers. She lives in Brisbane, Australia. Congratulations to everyone on the…

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News from the World of CNF

  As we gear up to our annual CNFC Conference (this time in Victoria), only a couple of weeks away, the world of CNF is fluttering with activity. So, here’s our news: carte blanche has announced our CNF contest shortlist! You can find the shortlist here. Second, our members continue to write and update their blogs: Dennis Malone writes in “What I Learned from Cancer”: Nurses are like sound men at rock concerts: there they are to ensure that all…

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